research by wow
We have our own R&D Department which has been working with international partners on the development of new products and breakthroughs in Human-Computer Interaction, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and wearables+mobile technologies.

Since 2008, we’ve written, submitted and published a massive amount of papers, articles and posters to the main international conferences. We even got a piece published on the prestigious ACM’s Interactions magazine.

You may hire our R&D team for your own projects or partnership with us in joint-ventures for specific UE-funded calls and projects.

Whatever the expertise you need, we’re here to help.

Our papers & publications
Children's Books: Paper VS Digital, What Do They Prefer?
Cesário, V., Freitas, P., Pimentel, D., Nisi, V. (2016).
In Proceedings of Interaction Design and Children Conference 2016, ACM.
Second Look: Combining Interactive Surfaces with Wearable Computing to support Creative Writing.
Pedro Campos, Frederica Gonçalves, Michael Martins, Miguel Campos and Paulo Freitas (2014).
In Proceedings of the Ninth ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS’14). ACM, New York, NY, USA.
Yarn: a product for unraveling stories.
Susan Buenafe, Luis Guzman, Namrata Kannan, Kristine Mendonza, Nuno Nunes, Valentina Nisi, Pedro Campos, Frederica Gonçalves, Miguel Campos and Paulo Freitas (2014).
In Proceedings of the 8th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI’14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 1089-1094.
Delineato: A Diagramming User Interface Designed Using a “What You Get is What You Need” approach.
Campos, P., Campos, M., Pestana, J.
IEEE COMPSAC (Kyoto 2013)
6DSpaces: Multisensory Interactive Installation.
Campos, P., Campos, M., Freitas, P., Ferreira, C., and Jorge, J. (2012).
In WASET, Dubai, 2012.
Interactive Installations: Tales from the Trenches.
Campos, P., Campos, M., and Jorge, J. (2011).
In Proceedings of INTERACT 2011 Industrial Program.
Foot-turistic multimedia: designing multimedia installations for shoe shops.
Campos, P., Campos, M., Pestana, J. and Jorge, J. (2011).
Multimedia Tools and Applications. Volume 61, Number 2 (2012), 471-487, Springer.
How high can expectations go?: practitioner issues and risks of interactive installations.
Pedro Campos, Miguel Campos and Joaquim Jorge (2011).
ACM Interactions 18,3 (May 2011), 30-35.
SimCompany: an Educational game designed through a Human Work Interaction Design Approach.
Campos, P., and Campos, A.(2009).
In Proceedings of INTERACT 2009, Srpinger-Verlag.
Interactivity for Museums: Designing and Comparing Sensor-based installations.
Campos, P, Dória, A, Sousa M. (2009).
In Proceedings of INTERACT 2009, Springer-Verlag.
Designing an Interactive Forest through sensor-based installations.
Dória A., Campos,P. and Fernandes E. (2008).
CHI 2008 Extended Abstracts.
Ambient Persuasion for Relieving the Stress at the Office.
Campos, P. and Freitas, P. (2008).
Workshop on Surrounded by Ambient Persuasion, CHI 2008.
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