TAAG Carga
airliner cargo booking & management system
TAAG - Angola national airliner - came to us with the need to find a more efficient way to manage all their cargo services offer. The idea was to develop an
online platform that would allow TAAG to create and manage flights, routes, available cargo space and payloads, review and accept client?s bookings and view
statistical data.

We came up with a PHP, MySQL responsive website in which clients could check routes and schedules and book cargo space, specifing neede space, cargo
dimensions, weights and cargo manifest. All this was cross-checked by the system with automatic notifications to both parties.

Statistics are provided real-time with pie and line charts, allowing TAAG administrators to have a clear and updated view of their business and fleet.

TAAG Carga praised the solutions and is now looking to expand the platform even more!

TAAG Carga
20 business days

Our work:
Design & coding