TCB: revolutionizing the public transport systems
2015-10-26 Portuguese Public Bus Service TCB - Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro - are revolutionizing the way citizens interact with their system by offering a new online and mobile platform.

We were contracted to develop this platform for iOS, Android and Web. It brings several interesting features and a new approach on how cities and public transport services can be smarter and more efficient.

The platform offers an updated real-time map with the position and routes of all the active buses, allowing users to check estimated arrival times to each stop, delays and route information. It also allows users to search for stops, schedules and routes, as well as to contact with the TCB services directly.

More innovative are the MyBus and SMARTBarreiro features. The first, allows users to schedule a notification that alerts users 5, 10 or 15 minutes before the scheduled bus arrives at the stop, giving space and time for them to finish a task, breakfast or other situation before "running" to the bus stop.

The second brings a whole new level of efficiency and cost-control to TCB. SMARTBarreiro allows users to request a bus deviation to a stop in which it normally doesn't goes. This allows TCB to save on fuel and time but still provide an efficient B2C service.

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