A fresh wow!
2015-11-10 Today we reveal our new logo, branding and website. It has been 8 years since we've launched wowsystems and since then we haven't had the time to bring a new look to our project since we've been so busy.

The new logo and colour scheme are applied to all our media channels and artwork. With subtle modern colours, the three dots symbolize the three vectors in which we develop our activity: mobile, interactive and software.

The circle shape also pays tribute to our way of thinking and working: a lot of brainstorm, a lot of team-work and constant communication with clients and partners in order to make the wheels spin and go forward.

We've also redesigned our flagship star icon as it is used on subtle elements such as backgrounds, stationary and titles.

Finally, we've came up with a new tag line that reflects what we are: software artists. We're not just simple developers, we're not the usual geek team or the greyish IT company. We consider ourselves artists and we pay tribute to creativity, great coding and design.

We hope you enjoy it.