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Wow!Systems official partner of TEDxFunchal
Wow!Systems is one of the official partners of the first edition of TEDxFunchal. The event will be presented today at the Design Centre Nini Andrade Silva at 18:30. More info about the event and its website will be revealed today.
Real Madrid Selfie
Are you a Real Madrid fan? Would you like to take a selfie with one of the players? Now you can! Thanks to the iPhone and Android app "Real Madrid Selfie" - developed by Wow! for the 7Windows group and Real Madrid - fans can now take photos with their favorites players. Choose a player, adjust the size and position, take the selfie and apply effects & frames before sharing it with your friends! Now available worldwide, download it for free! Official app of Real Madrid.
Portugal Digital Summit app
Wow! was subcontracted in order to design and develop the official app for the Portugal Digital Summit 2016 event. The app allowed users to check the event keynotes, speakers, mark the session to their own calendar, search for other visitors and check-in on the event. Developed for iOS and Android, the work also involved the development of a responsive multi-event back office.
3D animations for RTP
Portuguese National TV - RTP - contacted Wow! in order for us to develop a set of several 3D animations for a TV documentary about the Islands of Macaronesia (Madeira, Azores, Canary Islands and Cape Verde). We've modelled and animated several animations using Cinema4D and Vue XStream. The animations included underwater worlds, volcano explosions with flowing magma, flora growing, winter storms, globe rotation, sea and smoke animations and effects, in a total of 3:45 minutes. The program aired in July and is a co-production between several TV networks.
Caco-co.com great food with a great website
Caco & Co. is a british-based restaurant chain that offers Madeiran delicassies with a gourmet touch. Wow! has been contracted to design and develop their website. The work involved the development of a content management system and integration of a third-party platform for bookings.
Madeira Best - The ultimade mobile guide to Madeira
Developed by Wow! for iOS and Android, Madeira Best is the mobile app for one of the leading tourist services in Madeira. Discover the Madeira's coolest insider tours and activities with Madeira.best. A free application for mobile devices and easiest way to find and book tourist activities in Madeira Islands - included tickets for tours and attractions. Travel like an insider: . Select your location, or choose for hundreds of tours, activities in Madeira Islands. . Find the best things to do near your with our interactive map . Book instantly, same-day . Book with confidence and Best Prices . Show and go with paperless vouchers . Check visitor reviews . Save your activities for later on wish list . Search by location, categories, availability The Madeira.best application is also a complete guide with geo located points of interest to visit in Madeira Islands (Viewpoints, Gardens, Museums, Monuments, Beaches, churches, etc.) Explore Madeira Islands with Madeira.Best application and get the most out of your holiday.
Calheta Interactive Kiosk
Wow! was comissioned by Calheta Viva to develop and install an interactive public kiosk to help the Town Hall to stay in touch with locals and tourists. We came up with a robust exterior kiosk, double-sided with 42" touch screens and ready for citizen with reduced mobility. The kiosk allows users to check out points of interest, upcoming events and latest news, as well as to take selfies to Facebook and send electronic postcards, review useful contacts, photos and videos from Calheta. All the information is presented by a virtual hostess that guides the user through the several interactions. At last, the information and contents are managed via a backoffice in real-time.
Sports Tracking Front-end
AMAWEB is a portuguese sports tracking compay dedicated to the management, GPS tracking and results for the main rallies held in Portugal, including for the European Rally Championship and other FIA races. They've came to us in order to implement a fresh new front-end for their platform that would allow users, administrators and races organizors to view real-time times, results and statistics, print race sheets, edit pilots and many other functions. Within 30 days we've designed and deployed a new front-end in HTML5 which is a success!
Spark! your life
Back in 2014, Wow! sponsored a capstone project from MHCI students of Carnegie-Mellon University/M-ITI. The outcome was the design and concept of Spark! A new mobile app to inspire your daily life. Our team picked up the findings and developed a first version that is now available for free on the AppStore (iPhone only for the time being). Spark your life with daily photo inspirational challenges! With Spark you will receive a daily challenge that stimulates your mental well-being, your happiness and makes you go outside and discover the world. Submit a photo to match that challenge, navigate around the map view to discover other people's submissions. Spark is anonymous and there is no rating system as the goal is to make you happy and curious! No egos are allowed
TAAG Cargo mobile app
The cargo division of Angola's national airline - TAAG Cargo - came to us in order to develop an easy to use mobile app for their clients. The app allows users to search for TAAG flights (own and in code-share), track shipped cargo in real-time, check out the latest news, view some F.A.Q. and contact directly the offices of TAAG Cargo spreaded all around the world. Available for iPhone and Android.
Interactive Guide @ Azores
Our interactive guide is now live in the brand new Tourism Office of Madalena, in the Azores! Users passing by can check the weather, view restaurants, services and activities, get to know more about Pico island and the Azores, the gastronomy and events. All managed via a dedicated backoffice that allows the Tourism Office to easily update the content. The virtual hostess interacts directly with the tourist, introducing several themes and her actions vary according the actions of the user.
Discovering Laurissilva Forest - iPad Kiosk
As part of the National Week of Science and Technology (23 - 29 Nov.), we will be joining today Porto Moniz Science Centre (CCVPM) in the event Science@Market in the pittoresque Fish Market in Funchal from 18:00 to the 21:00. The exhibit is open and free to the general public and CCVPM will show off an iPad kiosk developed by wowsystems with a Laurissilva Forest Encyclopedia and a cute memory game with the birds of Laurissilva.
Wow!Systems sponsors HackMadeira!
Wow!Systems is an official sponsor of HackMadeira. This is Madeiras first student hackathon: a code and design challenge for students of all skill levels to broaden their talents and practice their craft. Winners will receive licenses of our own creative software, Delineato and Haven. We will also sponsor one of the foodie meals for all participants! :) Good luck to all! For more information, please visit: http://hackmadeira.pt
Pestana Casino Park Hotel: glamour dining at your fingertips!
One of the cultural icons of Madeira, the sophisticated Pestana Casino Park Hotel, which was designed by the great master of world architecture Oscar Niemeyer, has teamed up with wowsystems in order to offer an iPad kiosk that allows guests to book dinners from the available thematics. Instead of waiting at the reception desk to book a table, guests can quickly explore the many thematic dinners available - from madeiran food to brasilian cuisine - and easily book a table. The booking voucher is sent both to the client and to the food & beverage managers of the hotel and can also be printed on-site.
A fresh wow!
Today we reveal our new logo, branding and website. It has been 8 years since we've launched wowsystems and since then we haven't had the time to bring a new look to our project since we've been so busy. The new logo and colour scheme are applied to all our media channels and artwork. With subtle modern colours, the three dots symbolize the three vectors in which we develop our activity: mobile, interactive and software. The circle shape also pays tribute to our way of thinking and working: a lot of brainstorm, a lot of team-work and constant communication with clients and partners in order to make the wheels spin and go forward. We've also redesigned our flagship star icon as it is used on subtle elements such as backgrounds, stationary and titles. Finally, we've came up with a new tag line that reflects what we are: software artists. We're not just simple developers, we're not the usual geek team or the greyish IT company. We consider ourselves artists and we pay tribute to creativity, great coding and design. We hope you enjoy it.
TCB: revolutionizing the public transport systems
Portuguese Public Bus Service TCB - Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro - are revolutionizing the way citizens interact with their system by offering a new online and mobile platform. We were contracted to develop this platform for iOS, Android and Web. It brings several interesting features and a new approach on how cities and public transport services can be smarter and more efficient. The platform offers an updated real-time map with the position and routes of all the active buses, allowing users to check estimated arrival times to each stop, delays and route information. It also allows users to search for stops, schedules and routes, as well as to contact with the TCB services directly. More innovative are the MyBus and SMARTBarreiro features. The first, allows users to schedule a notification that alerts users 5, 10 or 15 minutes before the scheduled bus arrives at the stop, giving space and time for them to finish a task, breakfast or other situation before "running" to the bus stop. The second brings a whole new level of efficiency and cost-control to TCB. SMARTBarreiro allows users to request a bus deviation to a stop in which it normally doesn't goes. This allows TCB to save on fuel and time but still provide an efficient B2C service. You can find out more on: www.tcbarreiro.pt
Frotcom - Control your fleet easily
Frotcom International is a company that offers an Intelligent Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management professional solution, designed to control fleet's activities, communicate with drivers and monitor driving behaviour. We were approached and contracted to develop their official mobile app for iOS and Android. The app is exclusive for Frotcom clients and offers a map view with updated fleet positions, fleet status and details for each vehicle, trips and alarms history as well as direct communication with the drivers and a statistics section. For more information, please visit: www.frotcom.com