about wowsystems
Wowsystems is an interactive software house. We develop interactive multimedia solutions for retail, museums, brands, tourism and many other markets. We are also experts in mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We develop in-house software, having launched Mac products, such as Delineato Pro or Haven – A Creative Writing Tool.
We offer expertise in many coding languages as well as technology consultancy and we have our own R&D department with many completed projects, the results of which have been published internationally!

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What we do
We focus on three main areas: interactive multimedia solutions (gesture-based, RFID, Arduino, Kinect, Oculus Rift, augmented reality, 3D..) for tourism, retail and brands; mobile development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone; software development on our own (Delineato, Haven..) or for clients (web, MacOS X, Windows).
Each colour represents a vector of our work. The circle symbolise the perfect harmony we try to achieve with team-work and customer-relationship to make things go forward.

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Our Philosophy
We tend to take projects always with a zen-approach with the goal to provide the best solution for our clients.
We get a lot of inspiration from the zen-minimalistic japanese philosophy, creating products and delivering solutions that are easy to use, clean and yet powerful.
We take very seriously our work and always aim to be innovative and competent with a touch of swag.

Our stars!

Miguel Campos (CEO)

Miguel leads wowsystems since 2008. With strong knowledge on business development, design and IT, he is responsible for making sure that the company makes good money. Miguel also leads R&D projects, EU calls and is the main liaison between wowsystems and its clients. Passionate for flying and aviation, he suffers from chocolate-addiction.

Pedro Campos (Scientific Director)

With a PhD in Computer Engineering (Human-Computer Interaction), Pedro is one of the mentors of wowsystems since day one, and acts as the company’s Scientific Director. With strong connections to the main national and european R&D Centres, Pedro helps the company to define new products and breakthrough innovations. He loves painting, jacuzzis and beer!

Carlos Ferreira (Software Engineer)

Carlos has been working at wowsystems since the beginning, acting as a software engineer with strong expertise in Android systems, web and interactive stuff. He has worked in wowsystems projects located in so many different places, such as Dubai or Corvo Island (a 17.11 km2 island lost in the middle of the Atlantic). He loves cars and rally.

João Pestana (Software Engineer)

João is one of wowsystems’s software engineers and is an expert on iOS systems. He frequently takes part on our R&D projects and has several papers published. João is a passionate traveller and loves nature. He is currently taking a degree on Biology.

Paulo Freitas (Software Engineer)

Paulo has been working with wowsystems since its beginning in 2008.  He is an expert on iOS, Arduino and, broadly speaking, all sorts of interactive crazy stuff. The barcode he has tattoed on his neck makes it very easy to see what’s up on his creative mind.

Valentim Freitas (Software Engineer)

Valentim is the newest member of our team. Acting as a software engineer, he is an expert on many web frameworks and platforms. He loves to ride bikes on the wild Madeira outdoors. He doesn’t love to crash bikes and hurting himself on the wild outdoors, even tough that happens quite frequently.