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Wowsystems is an interactive software house. We develop interactive multimedia solutions for retail, museums, brands, tourism and many other markets. We are also experts in mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We develop in-house software, having launched Mac products, such as Delineato Pro or Haven – A Creative Writing Tool.
We offer expertise in many coding languages as well as technology consultancy and we have our own R&D department with many completed projects, the results of which have been published internationally!

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Portugal Digital Summit app
Wow! was subcontracted in order to design and develop the official app for the Portugal Digital Summit 2016 event. The app allowed users to check the event keynotes, speakers, mark the session to their own calendar, search for other visitors and check-in on the event. Developed for iOS and Android, the work also involved the development of a responsive multi-event back office.
3D animations for RTP
Portuguese National TV - RTP - contacted Wow! in order for us to develop a set of several 3D animations for a TV documentary about the Islands of Macaronesia (Madeira, Azores, Canary Islands and Cape Verde). We've modelled and animated several animations using Cinema4D and Vue XStream. The animations included underwater worlds, volcano explosions with flowing magma, flora growing, winter storms, globe rotation, sea and smoke animations and effects, in a total of 3:45 minutes. The program aired in July and is a co-production between several TV networks.
hey @sfdesignweek ! Are you going to held a SF Design Week 2017 edition? 🙃